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Litigation Support
You’re covered from County Courts to Federal Courts! Even before your lawsuit is filed, we can work with you to ethically gather facts to support your cause. Upon finding the proper facts, your negotiations, settlement or verdict will be enhanced. With Richard Root Investigations, our experience and expertise in litigation support will result in the gathering of all available facts for the prosecution of your cause. Testifying as a police officer provided me with a proper understanding of the rules of evidence. This ensures that the evidence collected will be admissible at your trial, if one is required.
Arson Investigation
Arson is one of the most difficult crimes to investigate, as crime scenes are often burnt beyond recognition. It requires a tedious examination of the remnants determine the cause of the fire, not just its origin. With our background in law enforcement, you can count on our independent criminal investigation for the truth of what occurred. With Richard Root Investigations, you are getting a team of committed private investigators, who are certified in and experienced arson investigators. If you have any questions about the fire, do not hesitate to schedule a free consult with us.

Background Investigation
In today’s world, decisions need to be made with full and complete information. Sound personal choices and employment offers require a comprehensive background investigation to know who you are really dealing with or employing. While employment backgrounds are the most common, tenant, nanny and relationship backgrounds should not be overlooked. A background investigation can uncover undisclosed criminal records, bankruptcies and bad drivers, among other things. Don’t be afraid to investigate the other person! Let us provide you with the knowledge so you can make the choice that’s best for you and your company.
Business Surveillance
Surveillance is not limited to cheating spouses. In addition to relationship surveillance, business surveillance provides you with information on your employees. When employees are using your company’s equipment and space, you are entitled to know what your employee is doing at work. With this information, you can remove the thieving employee, who is stealing your profits, as well as the lazy employee, who is sending your profits down the drain. Business surveillance also informs you of your trusted employees, who can be given greater responsibilities to increase the prestige and profits of your firm. We’ll provide you with the truth about your employees without interfering with your operations.
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