Cyber Security

Cyber Security is one of the fastest growing concerns in the field of cyber investigation. It protects information systems and digitally stored intellectual property from theft or damage in addition to any form of disruption of the essential services needed to conduct business.

Our cyber investigation specialists can analyze your current vulnerability cyber threats and provide an efficient solution to limit your exposure to cyber threats such as hacking in the future.


Digital Forensics is the process of uncovering and interpreting electronic data and is often critical in most cyber investigations. Digital forensics is what makes it possible to uncover hidden evidence or activity that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. Our experts simply follow the trail of “digital bread crumbs” that leads to the origin of the hacking of a personal device or business computer network. Our cyber investigation team uses digital forensics in a variety of applications including:
Hard Drive Recovery (Files, Photos, Web History)
Origin of the Hacker’s IP Address
Data Recovery & Analysis
Vulnerability Testing


We investigate allegations of hacking for a variety of businesses, law firms, and individual consumers in addition to providing a variety of monitoring services. The Cyber Investigation specialists at Richard Root Investigations have successfully discovered both the activity and the origin of unauthorized cyber intrusions and hacking. Our cyber investigation services are vital for our clients to get the answers they need if their digital information has been compromised. Richard Root Investigations can provide the security you need to protect your clients, business and personal information.


Call Richard Root Investigations for a free consultation or to discuss the potential need for a cyber investigation. Our cyber investigators have extensive experience in cyber investigations and digital forensics and will work with you or your attorney to devise the best strategy for success. To set up a secure, free and confidential consultation with a licensed Private Investigator at Richard Root Investigations, call (561) 237-5029 or click the “Contact Us” button below.
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