Your client has been charged with a criminal violation which could mean a long prison sentence or probation and loss of civil rights. The government or the state, with all of its resources, is ready to proceed in attempting to convict you. You need a trained investigator to help you level the playing field and uncover reasonable doubt or provide you with valuable information to mitigate the charges.
Richard Root Investigations can help you by effectively providing the following services:
  • Discovery Review/Process
  • Client Interview
  • Background Checks
  • Field Interviews
  • Reports
Discovery Review/Process: Once the case has been assigned, your investigator will begin reviewing all discovery materials. These materials include probable cause review; police reports and supplements; video, audio, and written statements from the defendant and witnesses; other media which contain statements related to the case; crime scene photographs or diagrams; any of the other materials included in the discovery provided by the prosecutor. Our investigators will communicate with you to obtain documents not include in the discovery package by the prosecutor. We will communicate directly with law enforcement agencies to obtain additional discovery items, not supplied in the prosecutor’s original discovery package, and we will provide you with copies of all of our correspondences.
Client Interviews: With your approval, we will complete a comprehensive interview. Our primary objective is to identify potential theories of defense. In addition to reviewing the police reports, probable cause affidavit, and discussing the facts of the case, we will obtain a comprehensive personal history, not limited to family, educational background, criminal history, and employment history, This review will also assist with requesting a bond or bond reduction hearing.

Background Checks: Once we have completed our discovery review and client interview, we begin the process of conducting a comprehensive background on listed witnesses with a focus on their criminal history. Our investigators will obtain certified copies of judgments and dispositions in each identified case; probable cause affidavits are also obtained in order to provide you with some background on the nature of charges against all witness identified.
Field Interviews: All witnesses listed by the prosecutor and named by the client will be interviewed. At your request, our investigators will record the interview or obtain sworn written statements from witnesses.
Reports: A comprehensive written reports will be provided to you, articulating all the work done in your case. The work is broken down outlining the pedigree of the case, articulation of the discovery, review of the discovery provided, field investigations, and investigative summary with both positive and negative analysis.
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