Background Checks

Background Checks are an important investigative tool in numerous situations. Reliable information from someone’s personal history allows you to base important decisions on facts instead of feelings. The research can be anywhere from very basic to extremely comprehensive and lengthy depending on your specific needs and budget. There are many reasons why SRA is hired to perform background checks.

Online Dating Screening Florida:

Every day we see more advertisements for online dating websites. Please beware; there are many predators who have been taking advantage of those using these websites, sometimes with tragic consequences. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly dangerous to bring a stranger into your home without verifying who they are. If you are considering dating someone you’ve met online, let the Licensed Private Investigators at Richard Root Investigations perform a nationwide background check to verify they are who they say they are. We have discovered alarming discrepancies, including nationwide criminal history, between what is posted on a dating website and an individual’s actual background. Don’t take chances, before you let a stranger into your life, let Richard Root Investigations thoroughly screen the person for you and give you the peace of mind you need?

Some of the most common are:

Pre-Marital Screening
Pre-Employment Background Checks
Criminal Background Checks
New Tenant Screening
Business Due Diligence Screening
Online Dating Screening
Nationwide Background Checks which provide historical data including current/past addresses, vehicle, plane & boat ownership, civil court history, nationwide criminal background, bank accounts, financial assets, bankruptcies, evictions, judgments & liens and much more.

Pre-Employment Screening:

Pre-Employment Background Checks are a critical component in a business owner’s toolbox that can avoid potential damage in the future. In today’s litigious society, a secure background screen can sharply reduce the risk of a negligent hiring lawsuit against your company in the event an employee is accused or charged of wrongdoing while on the job.

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