What to know before hiring an investigator.

In Florida, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulates private investigators and private investigative agencies. Florida regulates the private investigative profession to ensure the public’s interests are protected. Hiring a licensed private investigator helps ensure you are engaging a business that has passed all the licensing requirements in Florida.

Things you should know before you sign a contract with an agency in Florida:

  • Check with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to see if there have been any sustained complaints or disciplinary action taken against the agency or its investigators.
  • Always ask to see the investigative agency’s license.
  • When you meet with the investigator, you should always ask to see their license.
  • You should ask to see any professional certifications the private investigator says they have.
  • Read the service agreement before you sign it. If something is unclear or you have any uncertainties, ask the representative for clarification.
  • Make sure you understand the financial arrangements of the service agreement (retainer, hourly fee, expedite fee, refund policy, or any other itemized fee schedule)
  • Make certain you understand what you are entitled to when the case is complete, such as case report, documents, photographs, and videos.
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